Characteristics of a Gate Church - 0.50 $

Describes the hallmarks of a church that functions as a gateway to a region.

Grace Is A Gift!!! - 5.50 $

It is ONLY through the free gift of grace that we are saved by faith

How to Flow Within the Rivers of Living Water - 5.50 $

How to increase your intimacy and expand to an unrestricted relationship with God.

The Abundant Gift of God's Grace - 5.50 $

What weapon did Satan use before his forced disarmament? The law. Every time we broke the law, Satan had a legal right to come after us. The law came to expose our sins but Grace came to expose God's Love.

The House of God Is the Gate of Heaven - 5.50 $

The gateway to heaven is Christ Jesus.

The Importance of Acceptance - 5.50 $

If there's anything you're giving to God that costs you nothing, it's not an offering.

You Are Irreversibly Blessed_Part 5 - 5.50 $

Holy Spirit guarantees our full inheritance.