Vision Statement

We are striving for a ministry of excellence and joy in the Holy Ghost.  We   have been commissioned by God to win the lost to Christ by building them upon the love of God, and establishing them upon the foundational teachings laid by the apostlic and prophetic anointings and revealing Christ Jesus as the Chief Cornerstone of our church.  

Through obedience to our great commission, mature sons of God will continue to be released, going forth developed, equipped and empowered to do the work of the ministry as we establish God’s Covenant Principles throughout the whole earth.

The Apostolic and Prophetic Mandate

Full Gospel Foundation Building Ministries was called forth by God in 1993 and established in 1994 as an Apostolic governmental force with a Prophetic anointing to build mature disciples for Christ to fulfill the Great Commission given by Christ Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20. Men and women are trained to go forth in the anointing - developed, equipped and empowered to fulfill their God ordained destiny and purpose on this earth.

We are a ministry that believes in the fullness of the Godhead-the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and in the Five-fold Ministry Gifts of the Apostle, the Prophet, the Evangelist, the Pastor and the Teacher with Jesus Christ as the Chief Cornerstone of the Church (Ephesians 2:20; 4:11).
The word Apostolic does not refer to a denomination or a tradition but to its Scriptural meaning of being a "Sent One" or "Sent People".

The Apostolic and Prophetic anointing brings a Church to the Spirit and Wisdom as revealed by the Chief Apostle and Prophet Jesus Christ. The marks of the Apostolic and Prophetic on a Church are evidenced by:

A Church with divine purpose and destiny.
A powerful, spiritually governing body of Believers.
A praising people.
A possessing Church.
A passionate people.
Believers who have a confidence in hearing the voice of God.
A sincere and genuine hungry for present-day truths to be revealed.
A greater dimension of spiritual warfare.
the gifts of the Holy Spirit and abilities being activated.
A greater anointing to fulfill purpose, mission and vision