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Beautification Ministry
Mission is to keep the house of the Lord beautiful, to work at every given task as unto the Lord and not for man.  We are responsible for the upkeep of the sanctuary; decorating before each event; and beautifying the entire church whenever there is a need.

Building and Grounds Ministry
The ministry assists in maintaining the structural upkeep of God’s house, both inside and out.  This includes repairs, and  landscaping.  Building and Grounds needs watchful eyes and willing hands to help maintain and improve the church surroundings.  We are an all-season ministry.  God has blessed this house tremendously and the Building and Grounds ministry can use your help.

Children of Destiny Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to train our children (0-11 years) to have an intimate relationship with God and embrace their God-chosen destiny.  We challenge you to help us perfect our children as they are propelled into their God-given purpose.  Please consider serving with us as we, “train up the children in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it”.

Covenant Partners Marriage Ministry
This ministry provides teaching and activities for those who are married.

Door Greeters Ministry
A door greeter is much like a guard.  Our job is to guard the temple or sanctuary doors, physically and spiritually. We rely on Holy Spirit to give us keen discernment on assisting God’s people during service, if necessary.  We are always pleasant and polite as we welcome our visitors and members.

Evangelistic Outreach Ministry
This ministry reaches the lost for Christ.  It’s purpose is to train and thrust out perfect laborers into the harvest.  It’s primary objective is to influence

Fine Arts -Liturgical Dance Ministry
This ministry is for those who have a calling on their lives to minister in the dance unto the Lord.  This ministry requires you to be teachable, energetic, eager to learn, and have a love for leading in worship to the Lord through the art of dance.  We prepare the atmosphere so that the Word of God can go forth uninhibited, with power.  Please consider this anointed ministry where you will be able to use your gifts in the house of the Lord.

International Missions Ministry
This ministry labors in prayer and supplication for both the “mission”, and the physical and spiritual needs of God’s missionaries.  This ministry helps to mobilize resources for the support of domestic outreach and foreign missions.  If you have a heart for missions, please consider the International Missions Ministry as we reach the nations for Christ.

History Ministry
This ministry gathers and compiles historical information through research.  It  also includes obtaining information vital to fulfilling the vision of the house.  Historians must be alert to capture history   in the making through writing, and photography. Please consider joining this ministry if you have skills to assist us in documenting our history as it unfolds.

Hospitality Ministry
This ministry serves the saints of God and fulfills the vision of the house by serving the hungry.  Our services include cooking, food preparation, service, and clean-up.  If you are a person of excellence, who is faithful, a team player with a sincere heart, please join this vital ministry.

Kingdom Transformation Ministry
This ministry is designed for recovery from addictions.  The group sessions meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:45 a.m.  Individual counseling is available when needed.

Media Ministry
This ministry is responsible for original production of clear, crisp, quality sound, pictures and video, and its reproduction for distribution through various forms of media.  If you have technical skills, or you are creative, or experienced in using state of the art media, please consider joining this ministry.

Men’s & Women’s Fellowship Ministries
The Men’s and Women’s Fellowship Ministries develop spiritual soundness and character in the individual through teaching and fellowship. Both ministries discuss spiritual and natural issues affecting man and woman.

Parking Attendant Ministry
We assist visitors and church members in obtaining adequate parking on Holy ground.  If you have a pleasant personality and like serving outdoors before services and events, please consider joining this vital ministry.

Prison Ministry
Jesus said, “I was in prison and you visited me, and for as much as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it unto Me.”  We also reach out to families of inmates.  Presently, we are ministering in adult men’s, youth detention, and women’s prisons. Join us in this ministry if you believe you have a call to set the captives free.

Public Relations Ministry
Use your gifting in communication skills to draw thousands into the doors of Full Gospel through words, images, pictures and technology.  Bring your dedication, obedience, gifts, ideas, and anointing to the Public Relations Ministry.

Ravens’ Nest Outreach Ministry
If you knew Jesus was hungry, would you feed Him; Jesus was thirsty, would you give Him to drink.  If Jesus was lonely, would you visit Him.  He is in need, will you help Him.  Well when you do these things for others who have needs it is the same as if you are doing it for Him.  As the raven was sent by God to feed His prophet, God has commanded us in His Word to meet the needs of others.  If you want to experience the compassion of Christ; if you enjoy giving; if you want to reach out to those in need, this is the ministry for you.

Seniors Ministry
Do you enjoy being with seasoned Christians who are full of wisdom and advice?  How about hearing stories from the past that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.  Do you want to help and serve others?  Do you desire a godly mother or father figure in your life?  If you have answered, “Yes”, to any of the statements, then this ministry is where you should be.  The ministry mission is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by serving others.  To qualify as a member of the ministry, you must be at least age 59.  However, to serve in this ministry, you can be any age as long as you have a heart to serve.

Spiritually Prepared Singles Ministry
This ministry helps develop healthy and spiritually-sound singles, who are committed to Christ.

Transportation Ministry
This ministry is looking for dedicated servants who believe they are called to those who do not presently have transportation. We need people to commit to transporting members before and after Sunday/Wednesday services and other special events.  If you believe that God has called you to this ministry, please join the team.

Youth Army
If you have a love for young people and are experienced in communicating with them, we could use your gifts/talents, and skills to help equip them fulfill their God-given purpose.  This ministry offers our youth a variety of Christian-learning challenges and experiences.  Please consider becoming a leader in the Full Gospel Youth Army. 

Service Times

Prayer, Praise & Worship:10:45 a.m.
Service -11 a.m.

Mid-Week Service
Prayer, Praise & Worship: 7:00 p.m.
Bible Study: 7:15 p.m.


Directions to Church

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