The sound of the groundbreaking apostolic dimension accompanies Apostle Cheryl whenever she is sent on assignment!  As the Word of the Lord is released apostolically through teaching, preaching, radical worship and powerful prayer, all who hear will be challenged to understand and accept the will of God for their lives.  A Masterbuilder, Apostle Cheryl sets order, and is also anointed to flow in healing and deliverance as she builds upon the foundation of the body of Christ.  

Apostle Cheryl has been commissioned by God to develop sons of the Kingdom through her prophetic teaching.  She has a driving passion to see the body of Christ realize and fulfill their God-given purposes and walk in kingdom dominion authority in the earth.

Many know Apostle Cheryl for her commitment, obedience, integrity and faith.  Anyone who comes into her presence understands that she has a personal love affair with God.  Apostle firmly believes that everything God says in His Word, “is the eternal truth and final authority”.  Since January 23, 1965 she has been married to John R. Fortson, Sr. who assists her in the ministry along with their three adult children and their spouses. They are the proud grandparents of twelve grandchildren, four godchildren, and countless spiritual children throughout the nation.  With the help of her husband, Apostle Cheryl pioneered Full Gospel in June of 1994.

Apostle Cheryl has studied in several theological schools and received her Doctorate degree in June, 1998. She oversees several covenant churches and serves as the co-host of the New England Prophetic Conference held anually along with her pastor, Apostle John E. Wilson. In 2002, Apostle Cheryl helped plant an annual prophetic conference in Trinidad.  

Understanding the commission to establish the Kingdom of God, she developed several programs to touch the community.  Weekly, strong outreach teams are “sent” into prisons.  Apostle developed the Raven’s Nest Outreach Ministry to distribute food and clothing to those in need.  In January, 2005, Perfecting School of Ministry was established as an accredited bible college for the purpose of developing, training, and perfecting the five-fold ministry gifts, along with the other various ministry gifts in the Body of Christ.  Divine Design Beauty Boutique and Book Store are businesses located at the church.

Apostle Cheryl is the author of That They May Be One In Christ, a riveting book that reaches the roots of issues that keep the Body of Christ from becoming unified.  She has also ministered on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network).  She believes the body of Christ is in revival -- with all of God’s governmental offices coming into order, unifying and moving the church into kingdom authority.

Prepare yourself for transformation when God releases His Word through His anointed vessel.