“I only have one thing to say....” And with those words the wisdom of God comes forth.  

Pastor John stands and serves as Co-Pastor along with his beloved wife, Dr. Cheryl A. Fortson, of Full Gospel Foundation Building Ministries International.  He is highly anointed in the area of finances and there are numerous testimonies of financial breakthroughs in the lives of Full Gospel members which are directly attributed to the Godly wisdom and counsel of Pastor John.  

He and Apostle Cheryl have been married since 1965 and are the proud parents of three adult children who all have embraced the Christian heritage of their parents and faithfully serve in the ministry of Full Gospel.  

Pastor John knows in a very unique way the urgency of “rescuing” the lost and winning them to Christ.  He served for twenty-four years as a City of Hartford Fire Fighter and received numerous awards for his faithful and dedicated service.